Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekly Special - Prince of Persia for Xbox 360

Looky what we have here, another Xbox 360 special! That's five in a row! Is your wallet running dry yet Xbox owners? Well, if you own a NTSC-J 360 console, you can't miss out on this special, it's Prince of Persia, a fantastic new adventure for this generation and the start of a new trilogy. But yeah, it's not region free, bummer. It does feature English and Korean, but it won't work on NTSC and PAL 360's...on the bright side, it's been discounted to an all new low price of just $16.90, can you believe it? That's $33 freaking dollars off and for a AAA title no less, good times.

An all new setting and and all new prince (or is he even a prince? We shall see) as well as a partner in the form of a pretty lady with magic called Elika, the game has an open-world feel and allows you to choose your next level from a few available as you unlock new sections. All new moves, combat system (which I liked) and fantastic new graphics along with a good story makes for one neat package. This is actually one of my favorite single player games of this generation. The game gets a big thumbs up from me and I can't wait to play the sequel, if you're 360 can play it and you don't own it, you have no excuse, buy it now!

Limited to three copies per customer, while stocks last...you know the drill.

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