Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Persona 4 Figures - Rise and Kuma

Wave Corporation may not be the most famous, or well known figure maker out there, but the Persona 4 characters they are releasing does look very pretty. If the finished product of Rise is of the same quality of the preview picture here, their Persona series is certain to become one of the prized figures out there.

Compared to Persona 3, Persona 4 has a lot more cute elements (although still somewhat bizzare) and has a generally far brighter atmosphere. And to compliment this mood, characters have a lot more quirks. And these quirks are personified by Kuma, or Teddie in the US versions.

Dressed in a bear suit and talks in sentences that ends with kuma, Kuma is a dream come true for people who wishes that animals or stuffed toys could talk. But for those who did not like the idea of the talking bear, or found that too childish, they only have to proceed further into the game to find the bishounen hidden under that costume.

So if Wave Corps is making their Persona series, it might be nice to include this other side of Kuma.

For those who likes to shop from better known brands, here is the Alter version of Rise. Although retired, she will always be remembered as the idol and the girl of many people's dreams.

Opps, she's going back to her idol job? Good for her!

Beside the characters, I think a lot of personas are wonderful as figures, as they are intricately designed, they can really let the figure makers show off their expertise and attention to detail.

If they're making one for Yukiko's Konohana no Sakuya, in semi-transparent plastic that shine under the lights, I think I might get one.

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