Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Special - NHL 2K9 for Xbox 360

Another weekly discount for Xbox 360 owners and three days earlier than usual! I'm not sure why, but who's complaining? Maybe the last weekly special sold out too quickly. Anyway, sports game fans have something of a bargain this week with NHL 2K9 on Xbox 360 for the super duper low price of just $14.90, that's around 70% off the marked price of $49.90! I'm not joking, check it out right now. No need to purchase any extra stuff, such as hockey sticks, pucks, protective gear or an ice rink, just the game will do. You can play the latest and greatest NHL game for under $15, so get buying! I'm assuming that the extra three days and five copies per person limit change means there's plenty available, but as always with a bargain like this, the copies fly off the shelves and you'll need to get in early to secure a copy or three. Makes a great gift no?

As with the previous NBA 2K9 game special, NHL 2K9 is also region free and will work on any Xbox 360 worldwide. The game also contains a wealth of language options, which includes: English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian. NHL 2K9 features many new improvements and additions over the previous versions. Apart from the usual things such as updated stats and new commentary, 2K9 also features new crowd and play animations and a new control scheme which is meant to put the fun back in hockey games. It also looks like 12 different consoles can join up online to play one match, that sounds pretty cool and another reason to buy some extra copies!

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