Friday, May 29, 2009

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Demo - WTF?

If anyone else downloaded the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 demo for PS3, you might (like me) not have been able to play it and been very annoyed with Capcom. In the description on PSN, there is no word that it only includes local multiplayer and nothing else at all. That's right, no single player. If you don't have two controllers, you cannot even get into the character select screen, let alone the fights, to see how good the port is. PSN multiplayer is disabled in the menu and so is any form of single player, but options are left intact. Very useful...NOT.

Was it really so hard to include one single player level? What is the point of this demo anyway? How many PS3 users will have two controllers and two people ready just to try a demo? And a port of an old Dreamcast game at that! Maybe I'm being unfair here, or maybe I'm not. Capcom, you fail, plain and simple. The Marvel Vs Capcom 2 demo is the stingiest and worst demo I have ever downloaded and I've downloaded teaser trailers with no ingame footage and been less frustrated. At least they have a purpose, this demo I can't get past the menu screen and it just makes me angry. Anything would have been better than this, even just being able to do training mode or something.

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Anonymous said...

I fucking hate Capcom for that demo. It's not playable but you can boot it with one controller just to tease you. Fuckers.