Thursday, May 21, 2009

E3 Predictions

It looks like this year, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is going to be quite interesting and hopefully better than the one last year! There's usually unvieling of cool new hardware and software and I'll let you know some things that have been confirmed and also throw in some predictions of my own into the mix.

I'll start in alphebetical order from the big three (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) and add a section for any other bits I think are worth noting. Okay, here we go!


Rumors speculate Microsoft will unveil a handheld gaming system known as the ZuneX. Sorry to dissapoint, but I think there's a very small chance of this happening. Apart from the "leaked" specs being suspicious, I think Microsoft is still focusing everything on the Xbox 360 at the moment.

It's highly likely Microsoft will show off a new exclusive game for the Xbox 360 which will likely be a response to Killzone 2 on PS3. Apart from that, there will be plent of multiplatform games and like last year, nothing really special in the Microsoft presentation. Expect some Gears of War 3 information and a possible announcement of Forza 3.


The winners of most people's "worst presentation" award last year, Nintendo are unlikely to set the gaming world fire this year either. But unlike last year, we will see some quality new titles from Nintendo unveiled and also even more uses for the Wii remote.

A new handheld? Think again! Nintendo is known for milking it's handhelds for all their worth and the DS isn't going to be taken over anytime soon. Maybe if sales would slow down, but that's not going to happen for a while and the DSi was released recently. You can expect a Mario game of some sort and a Zelda sequel to be shown.


Sony's won't unveil the PSP2 like everybody thinks. It's too early, sorry! While the PSP is steadily losing pace in the western market, it still has plenty of life left in Japan and will still be around for another couple of years at least. I predict however, Sony will release a new PS3 hardware revision. You may have seen pictures of a "leaked" PS3 slim. I have a feeling it's the real deal. The PS3 is big and very heavy, making shipping more expensive. Making it smaller and weigh less will bring down the cost of production and the savings will be passed onto you, the consumer. Yes, I predict a price cut for the PS3 as well of $100USD, which will be for the new slim unit as well as the old stock, which may be discounted another $50USD on top of that. Expect some information about GT5, Jak and Daxter, Sly Raccoon and Trico.

Misc Predictions

There will be some news about Duke Nukem Forever. A new developer or publisher will handle the IP.

Gran Turismo Mobile for PSP will still be missing in action.

Hardly any new PC games will be featured.

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