Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekly Special: The Club PS3

It's weekly special time! And what a bargain we have this week, The Club on PlayStation 3 for just $9.90! That's $40 or just over 80% off the listing price. Remember, only one per customer and it's only while stocks last.

Still here? Okay, well it's Region Free of course, like every PS3 game and will work on any PS3 system. It's also the Korean version, but the game is in English, so it's no big deal unless you're a collector and have to have the English version and if you are, you would have bought the game already. Am I right?

The Club is a third person shooter which requires you to run through a level shooting enemies as quickly as possible to boost your score. The faster the kill and the more head shots you pull off accurately, the bigger the score.

It's similar to an arcade light gun shooter, except you control the movement of your character and you don't have a controller and aren't required to keep putting in coins and...you get the point.

So don't delay, grab The Club today!

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