Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekly Special: Tales of Hearts (CG Movie Edition) for DS

Welcome back to another weekly special. This week it's a DS game, sorry PSP fans, maybe next time! Prepare yourselves for Tales of Hearts (CG Movie Edition), sounds sexy, no? Available at a fantastically low price of $19.90. That's $43 off!

Although please be aware that this is a Japanese RPG game and I'd assume there is no English language option. DS games are region free and work on any DS, so if you can read Japanese, wanting to learn or just play the game and ignore the text, this game is for you!.

By CG edition, I'm guessing CG videos have been added into the game like many DS games lately. I've played a few of the "Tales" games and they are solid RPG's and fun to play. Here's more info taken from the description:

"Under the twin moons and the rule of the great empire, people have been leading peaceful lives albeit unsettling legends about a sleeping princess, dream eating monsters and the falling moons continue to pass around.

No matter how unsettling, people have been seeing these legends as mere stories to scare children, until the day a mysterious plague started spreading and the culprit of the illness seems to be the dream eating monsters. Under the onslaught of these evil forces, a special substance in people's hearts, spiria gets contaminated.

The only thing to counter the monsters is Soma, hidden within the Spire Maze.

All these strives of the land are unknown to the hero, Shing until he rescues a mysterious girl Kohaku from the monsters. Together, the two set off to find the mysterious substance Soma, save the land and find out the truth about the legends."

Sounds good, enjoy!

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