Monday, May 11, 2009

Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage

Following up on my previous post about 3D Realms going bust after being unable to finish a game in 12 years time, it seems a disgruntled 3D Realms employee posted some gameplay footage on his site that has never been seen before. The video has been quick to spread around and here it is, check it out!

Looks like it had great potential if you ask me. The graphics are better than I though, I assumed they'd be behind on graphics tech due to the long development time, but it looks like it would be right at home on PS3 and Xbox 360. You might also notice that animation is pretty good on the enemies and when Duke picks himself up off the ground. The game also seems to feel and play similarly to Duke Nukem 3D and the weapons and boss battles both looked cool.

As cool as this gameplay video was and it proves the game was no joke, it still feels embarassingly little for 12 years of development. I don't think anyone is going to hire the employees from 3D realms with such a bad track record.

Hopefully, publisher Take 2 will reconsider and put some new funding into the game and maybe hand it to a new developer or something. Wouldn't it be nice to finally play the damn game?


FAB said...

Well worth the 12 years and all the millions I would say ;) I guess the game was almost done, but the text write had a blockade, so they waited a bit for the dialogues. ;)

Primal said...

I heard the devs just played WoW all day. If it's true, it's pretty pathetic ;)