Saturday, May 9, 2009

GP2X Wiz NGPC Emulator

This is going to have to be a quick post. "Real Life" has taken over recently, and I've been fairly busy. In fact, I really have to go now so that I can help set up a for big birthday party for 2 of my daughters.

So, here's the deal. Someone asked me if I was going to port RACE (a Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator) to the Wiz. See the above video for the answer. The video shows the GP2X Wiz running the English version of "SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters' Clash 2 Expand Edition". There were a couple hurdles to get it running. The main one was that it needed to be set to a different sound sample rate than the original GP2X version was using. I had some code for this from the PSP port, though. I now need to get together with TJ Hooka and see about adding some new features to the code. That's all for now. I'm sorry this one is so short.


Alex said...

Hey Flavor,

Good job on all your Wiz work :-) I was wondering, how did you go around the slowness in the original port of Giana's Return?

Anonymous said...

Great job Flavor!

But it seems like the NGPC game display is very small on the Wiz screen. Does it seem that small in real life? Can you maybe add an option to scale it fullscreen on the Wiz?

Flavor said...

Hey guys. Thanks for commenting.

The main problem with Giana's Return was due to the SDL timer granularity. When you write a game like this to be portable, of course you don't want it to play too fast on faster machines. Well, I had to re-write the code that would slow down the game because of how the SDL timers work on the Wiz (and the GP2X, actually). If I recall correctly, the granularity was like 16ms, which was too tight the way it was being used.

About the NGPC looking small on the Wiz. Yeah, you are correct. That is one of the things that I hope to fix/add when I get Hooka's code merged with some of the PSP code. I will probably leave in the "actual pixel size" option, but I think a scaled/zoomed version would be nicer to play.

Danny X said...