Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass is one of Bandai's most popular animes. By combinding mechas, school romantic comedy, war tactics, and an over-abundance of pretty looking characters.

With successful anime series such as Gundam Seed and 00, Bandai knows what to do when dealing with (commercially) successful mecha anime. From mechas to figures and games, Bandai's anime series spawn numerous merchandises.

But with Code Geass and Gundam, they delivered so much more. Not quite as politically heavy as Gundam Seed, Code Geass contains quite a few dramatically funny moments even during the most tense situations.

As an abandoned prince of the Britanian Empire (Great British Empire?), Lelouche has sworn protect his younger sister Nunnally and bring his father land down. Meeting, and "rescuing" a strange girl C.C from confinement, he was given the power of Geass.

Geass manifests itself in many forms, and Lelouch's is the absolute power over others. From Testing around to mastering his new found powers, Lelouche got himself into all sorts of struggles.

And things complicated even more when his best friend Suzaku decides to side with Britania.

I have yet to see anyone putting on their contact lenses with such an extravagant gesture.

In fact, everything about Code Geass screams elegance and extravagance. From the Britanian palaces to the Ashford Academy and its protagonist Lelouche tops it all with one sweeping motion.

Drawn by Clamp, its no wonder that the characters are absolutely beautiful and perhaps, its precisely because it's drawn by Clamp and with character such as Kira and Ashram before it, a somewhat observable scent of homo-eroticness floats throughout the series (it includes both males and females, so which ever direction you sniff, you'd smell something).

The art books above contains quite a few of these nice moments (just remove the jacket and look at the full cover of Mutuality). If you pride yourself as someone not into these, the books come with a lot of wonderful, or cute pictures as well, so its a good buy.

Music is nice, with orchestral themes, haunting vocals that suits certain parts of the plot and exciting digital music, so the OSTs are must have as well. Although it goes beautifully with the anime, they could stand alone on their own.

The plot is exciting with a generous amount of fights, sweet moments and gags mixed in, so give it a go when you are looking for something to watch, you'd get hooked.

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