Friday, March 6, 2009

From children to adults - let Robo Q inspire you

Ready! Get Set! Go!

The four Robo Q's are ready to walk into your lives and get to know you. These toys think, feel and move.

Standing at approximately 3.4 cm tall (shorter than your average pinky!), these miniature robots are the smallest mass produced AI machinery that are ready to serve you.

They may not be able to make dinner or clean house, but they are certainly more than capable in keeping you amused.

Use the remote control to direct their actions, crank up the speed lever and see them run, spin them around and marvel at their smooth moves. You don't even have to worry about them crashing into things, with an infra red sensor built into their heads, they can detect obstacles before them and swerve out of harms way.

Now the aspiring sports club manager can have their field day, with these robots, you can always assemble your team and pit them against others in soccer.

Its fun to see tiny robots wobbling like penguins along a table, swerving around objects and following balls. This is definitely a toy suitable for both boys and girls over the age where they would put things randomly into their mouths. Smaller than a pinky and cheerfully colored, the robots does look a bit like a prettily wrapped piece of candy.

Put the remote control into your hand, switch it on auto if you want the robot to run mazes if you just want to see them move around, or switch to manual if you want to have a contest with someone else.

When the ball is quite a bit larger than the robots themselves, the robots didn't seem to be playing soccer much, they looked more like penguins trying to build a snowman.

Play with your children with these robots and inspire them, but most of all, just have a really fun time with them.

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