Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cryptic Allusion CryptoCast Gives Away Söldner-X

The Cryptic Allusion CryptoCast is podcast centered around videogames. Their main focus is on the development and playing of indie games, but they also cover plenty of mainstream games. It varies from episode to episode, but one thing is very consistent: their love of videogames and the indie game development scene always shows through.

In their latest podcast (CryptoCast Episode 28), hosts Roddy, Pam, and Alex discuss the PS3 version of Söldner-X and announce a contest where listeners can win a free copy of Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer. Head over to the show notes for Episode 28 to see what all they are covering this time. Mentioned in the show notes are the rules for their contest to win a copy of Söldner-X.

The show notes also indicate that Söldner-X will be discussed in further detail in the next CryptoCut Episode 7. The CryptoCut is a short version of the CryptoCast that usually covers only one specific game or topic. This is also where the winner of the Söldner-X giveaway will be announced.

If you are interested in podcasting, videogames, indie game development, or just winning free stuff, then I suggest that you give the Cryptic Allusion CryptoCast a listen. You can get it on iTunes or directly from the Cryptic Allusion website or RSS feed. It is really a great podcast. I've been listening to it for a while now, and I think it gets better with each episode! I would really love for them to get a wider fanbase!

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R said...

Thanks, Flavor. We're absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this awesome contest!

Actually, the CryptoCut (#7) will be where we announce the WINNER of the contest! Get your entries in soon! Time is running out...

Did we mention that this contest nets you FREE STUFF? It's a total "no brainer": you should enter.