Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Emergency Food Supply - Chopper and his favourite snacks

Although he has been nicknamed by Sanji, the crew's chef as Emergency Food Supply, the little elk obviously felt no qualms with fattening himself, he knew that the rounder elks are, the cuter, and more popular they become.

Everybody needs to pamper themselves once in a while, including your health minded doctor. Chopper is here to show you the happiness of snacking on your favourite food.

As a teenager, Chopper is not immune to sweets, with a stick of candy floss in each of his hands, he is deciding which one he should have first. Either way, he need to devour it soon or the crew, each with a mini black hole in their stomachs, will find out about his goodies.

After having so much sugar and pink floss, its time for a drink. Pumpkin juice contains a high amount of fibers and vitamins, perfect even for those of you on a diet. Slurping up thick creamy juice, Chopper is showing you how elastic his stomach can be, and that he is indeed part of the straw hats crew, as he too, has a bottomless pit of a stomach.

When Chopper is busy eating and drinking, someone seems to have stolen into his room and took out half of his prized, or a dangerous possession.

One look at the desperately tearful face of the doctor says it all. What sort of mushroom is this? What caused so much panic? Is it deadly poisonous or is it highly delicious and nutritious that Chopper just could not bear the idea of having someone bit half of it off?

Either way, happy, satisfied or panicky, Chopper is showing his cutest sides in this set of figures, take him home and let him remind you to eat, with him in front of you, all food become more delicious.

Small and intricately made, they are perfect for cars or desks, they give your room a tint of personality that is just right, besides, who can resist Chopper, the mascot of the straw hat pirates?

Forget about diets and everything else, everybody deserves a break, take yours with Chopper.

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