Monday, March 23, 2009

Bokujou Monogatari / Harvest Moon - Soil a large corporation's plans through a hoe and a water can

A huge company is threatening to take over your plot of farmland and your way of life, so as a farm boy and a law abiding citizen, what are you to do? Make your land prosper and get it back through constructive ways.

Marriage and farming have always been centerpiece in the Harvest Moon series, however, the addition of the task to soil a big corporation's project has come at a very suitable time.

Anger and blood lust have reached its peak in the last few days and taking up fire arms is not a very sane way to relieve it. The whole finance/economic system is in need of a restructuring, and farming is one of the best places to start.

If bringing a large corporation down by hoes, water cans, cows and chickens could not sate your blood lust, come take up a sword and slay some monsters in Rune Factory Frontier on your Nintendo Wii system.

Given the violent crimes that are happening within the last 365 days (some involves shootings, other include knifes and other sharp instruments) government officials as well as moral groups that may know nothing about the array of genres available are all too ready to propose the banning of games and police media in the name of protecting the young.

Not only are the connection between violent games and crime difficult to prove, and in addition to that, not all games are violent, as I'm sure a lot of people may have noticed already. Harvest Moon is one of the many games that encourages creation and a series that parents will not be afraid to let their children play.

Although the act of farming is highly idealized in the series, it could be a way to inspire people to get closer to nature and have some fun in a more peaceful way.

And admittedly, engaging in violent acts in games can be very liberating and stress relieving at times. Most people have the ability to contain their frustrations in the virtual world and those who released it in the real world may not be gamers at all, so why not try to understand the community before proposing bans?

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